Jul 17, 2012

Magic Mike

I haven't actually seen Magic Mike (2012) starring Channing Tatum as a stripper.  But extensive internet research has revealed two important facts.

1. Director Steven Soderbergh wants you to believe that no gay men exist.  All male strippers are heterosexual, and strip for exclusively female audiences. No men are even vaguely interested in seeing them.

This is particularly amazing, since the beefcake is sure to fill the theaters with gay men.

2. No reviewer is aware that lesbians exist. The words "every woman's fantasy" appear in over 2,000 websites linked to the movie.
"Magic Mike - fulfilling every woman's fantasy."
"His goal is to fulfill every woman's fantasy."
"The movie caters to every woman's fantasy."
"This is every woman's fantasy."

This is not particularly amazing, since lesbians are erased from existence even more often than gay men.

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