Feb 25, 2013

Bora: Filipino Hunks on the Beach

Speaking of The Philippines, a 2005 Pinoy tv sitcom called Bora: Sons of the Beach starred five guys known collectively as The Hunks, who roamed the beach on the resort island of Boracay.  They were sort of like an all male, bodybuilding, semi-nude version of Friends:

1. Piolo Pascual  (left) as PJ, the sweet but uptight owner of the bar where everyone hangs out.
2. Diether Ocampo (right) as his buddy, the girl-crazy Ditoy.

3. Bernard Palanca as Lenin (left), a sullen man of mystery.
4. Carlos Agassi as Caloy (right) , as his buddy, a  stereotypic dumb bodybuilder.

5. Jericho Rosales as Alon, a quirky surfer dude.

Luis Manzano (not one of the Hunks, though I can't see why) played Luigi, a rich, self-centered playboy (three of them starred together in the sci-fi martial arts Rounin two years later).

The dialogue was mostly in Tagalog, with some English thrown in.  There were no exteriors; everything was filmed on a sound stage resembling a beach.  But with six mega-hunks in swimsuits, who cared?  Plus the gay Dodong (Roderick Paulate), owner of a nearby hotel, always appeared with his hunky "bodyguard" Hercules (Gerhard Acao).

And a gay connection with the other actors: Piolo Pascual is rumored to be gay; Carlos Agassi had a same-sex relationship in his youth (he didn't say if he's gay or bi); Luis Manzao has played gay characters several times.

It's not available on DVD, but you can see episodes on youtube.

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