Apr 18, 2013

Josh Blake

Josh Blake may be best known as Cousin Josh on the 1980s "my secret" sitcom Alf, about a sarcastic space alien hiding out with a nuclear family, but he was a child star pro, appearing in both movies and tv programs beginning at age 10.  Usually he played kids who idolized older men:

His first starring role came in the short-lived sci-fi tv series Once a Hero  (1987), about a newspaper comic superhero, Captain Justice (Jeff Lester), who breaks into the real world.  Josh played a kid who discovers his secret.

After his year bonding with the alien (1988-89), Josh starred in The Famous Teddy Z (1989-90), as Ari, the younger brother who idolizes talent agent Teddy Z (John Cryer).

During the 1990s and early 2000s, Josh guest starred on several soaps, plus Beauty and the Beast, Full House, The Wonder Years, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.  

He could be seen in several gay positive projects, such as the MTV soap opera Spyder Games (2001).

His last starring role was in Going Down (2003), about a college boy (Josh) and his pal (Jay Michael Ferguson) who throw a wild party, and the next day discovers two dead bodies in the house.  Except one of the bodies isn't dead, just wasted.  And his boyfriend shows up.

Retired from acting, Josh is currently a real estate agent in Los Angeles, and rumored to be gay.

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