Apr 30, 2013

The Boys of Grachi

Grachi (2011-) is a teen fantasy series that currently airs on Nickelodeon in Italy and Latin America, about the Escolarium, a school for witches (Grachi is the nickname of the protagonist, Graciela Alonso, and coincidentally the word for "witches" in Italian).

Part Harry Potter, part Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and all telenovela, Grachi emphasizes the heterosexual love interests of the various witches. However, since the boys are all on the swim teem, there are countless swimsuit and semi-nude beefcake shots, and substantial gay subtexts.

1. Daniel (Andres Mercado, left) is dating Grachi, but also buddy-bonding with Chema (Lance Dos Rios).

2. Leo (Willy Martin, top photo) has a love-hate crush on Daniel.

3. Guillermo (Guilhermo Apollonio, left) is dating Rosa, but also buddy-bonding with Diego (Rafael de la Fuentes).

4. Tony (Mauricio Henao) is a gay-vague oddball outsider.

5. Manu (Jesus Neyra), who attends the evil wizard's academy, is a gay-vague villain with designs on Daniel.  Jesus Neyra, who is heterosexual in real life, has played several gay characters.

You have to speak Spanish to watch, but rumor has it that an English-dubbed version will be airing this summer.

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