May 25, 2013

Floating Skyscrapers: Guns Don't Kill, Gay People Do

In April 2013, the Tribeca Film Festival in New York screened the "First LGBT Film in Poland," Floating Skyscrapers.  It's slow, claustrophobic, and creepy, presenting gay people as abnormal, mentally ill, askew.  And the guys aren't even cute.

Young swimming champion Kuba (Mateusz Banasiuk) seems to be heterosexual; he likes his girlfriend, Sylwie, and has sex with her regularly.  But he's also drawn by his dark, subconscious longings to enage in "down low" anonymous gay encounters in public toilets. Kuba and Sylwie live with a possessive, smothering mother, Ewa, who has a weird incestuous interest in scrubbing his back while he bathes.

Oh, that's why he turned gay -- a possesive mother drove him crazy.  Got it.

Meanwhile, Michal (former Polish teen idol Bartosz Gellner),who is more open about his sexual identity, tries to come out to his parents. His father recoils in homophobic rage, and his mother -- another possessive, smothering mother, by the way -- refuses to believe it.

The two meet at an art museum -- Kuba is with his girlfriend, but that doesn't stop him from hooking up with Michal.   They begin seeing each other regularly, although it's not really a relationship, just an expression of their psychosis.  Kuba becomes so obsessed that he can't concentrate on his swimming.

Finally Sylvia and Ewa figure out what's going on, and band together with Michal's mother to force them to give up their abnormal obsession -- or die trying.  And death happens.

This movie is about how being gay is a tragedy that destroys lives.

Director Tomasz Wasilewski has only one previous credit, In the Bedroom (2012), about a woman whose uncontrollable sexual obsession drives her to prostitution and destroys her life.  So it's not just being gay -- it's nymphomania, too.

And Bartosz Gellner previously starred in Suicide Room (2011), as the crush of a high school boy,  Dominik (Jacob Gierszal, left).  When word of the infatuation gets out and humiliates him, Dominik commits suicide.  Nice.

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