May 19, 2013

Jason Marsden, the Pocket Gay

Jason Marsden is often mixed up with fellow teen idol James Marsden.  James has the muscles, but Jason has the smile.  And he's a stronger gay ally.

An active child star, Jason got his start at age 11, playing A. J. Quartermaine on General Hospital (1986-88) and werewolf-boy Eddie Munster on the remake of the classic 1960s tv series The Munsters (1988-91).

As a teenager and young adult, he occasionally played a girl's boyfriend, but more often, a boy's homoromantic best buddy: his characters bonded with Omri Katz in the paranormal-investigator series Eerie Indiana (1992), Perry King in Almost Home (1993), Brandon Call (left) on Step by Step (1993-98), Will Friedle on Boy Meets World (1994-95), Boomer Bridges in White Squall (1996), and Robert Downey Jr. on Allie McBeal (1997).

In a 2002 episode of Will and Grace, he plays "the pocket gay," who is rejected by Will for being too short but eventually wins him over.

Jason has been doing cartoon voice work since 1990.  He may be best known as the voice of Chester McBadBat, working-class boyfriend of the elite A.J. on Fairly Oddparents (2003-2011); and Max Goof, surly teenage son of Disney's Goofy in Goof Troop (1992-3), two movies (1995, 2002), and House of Mouse (2001-2002), for some reason a gay fan favorite and the subject of lots of homoerotic slash fiction.

His only significant beefcake shots were in Return to the Batcave (2003), an adventure involving the real life Adam West and Burt Ward, Batman and Robin from the 1960s tv series.  As the young Burt Ward, Jason displayed an impressive muscular physique.

He also looked impressive below the belt, but that may have been necessary to the plot, which devotes a great deal of time to the censors fretting over the Boy Wonder's massive endowment. 

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