Jul 18, 2013

Little People, Straight World

On a 2006 episode of the reality tv series The Surreal Life, little person actor Vern Troyer got drunk, and the uber-muscular Christopher Knight (the reason I was watching) carried him to his room.  Vern tried to pull Chris into bed, and Chris gently rejected his advances, a definite homoerotic moment.

I've always been attracted to Dwarfs/Little People (according to LP activist Danny Woodburn, both are correct).  So I wondered: since their size makes them outsiders, are little people presented in media as gay, bisexual, "queer"?

Sebastian Saraceno, star of Pit Boss (2010-2012), a reality series about a company that rescues pit bulls, is presented as hetero-horny.

Peter Dinklage, star of Game of Thrones, also plays  almost exclusively heterosexual characters (a gay guy in Death at a Funeral), and appeared nude in Playboy surrounded by adoring ladies.  He is a gay ally, though

Danny Woodburn's Mickey had a rather blatant gay-subtext relationship with Kramer on Seinfeld.  Otherwise, however, his characters are almost always heterosexual, or with an unspecified sexual identity (as in Crash & Bernstein).

Little People, Big World (2006-2012) was a reality series about Matt and Amy Roloff, and their three kids.  Unfortunately, the 6'1" Jeremy got the most media attention, in spite of his racist and homophobic statements (according to The National Enquirer).  Maybe because of his admittedly impressive physique.

His fraternal brother Zach, 4'4", didn't make homophobic comments, but the episode I watched was all about his preparation for a date with a girl, with Mom taking pictures, Dad gushing "you're growing up!" and all of the other heterosexist effluvia.

Maybe the physical difference is a motive for you to demonstrate your "normalcy," which frequently means "heterosexual."

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