Aug 12, 2013

Evan Hofer's Crew Kickin' It

Leo Howard and Mateo Arias aren't the only bromantic duo on Kickin' It.  Evan Hofer had a recurring role as Randy, a teen martial artists who buddy-bonds with the nerd Milton (Dylan Riley Snyder).

Evan also appeared in the movie Everyday Kid (2010), which was about a boy who acquired a new superpower every day.  It apparently was never released.

He and Dylan Riley Snyder quickly became buds in real life.  Prior to Kickin' It, Alabama boy Dylan played the Young Tarzan and Pippin's adopted son on Broadway, and starred in a few short films.

Harrison Boxley (left), who battled Milton as the King of the Dark Knights on Kickin' It, is the third member of their crew.  He's had the most exposure on juvenile tv, also appearing on Big Time Rush, The Incredible Crew, and Sam & Cat.  Plus he has the most gay cred.

He has appeared in a number of short films, usually playing either the girlfriend or the gay best friends of girls undergoing crises.  For instance, The Bedwetter (2010) is about an 11-year old tomboy (Kaitlin Morgan) who wets the bed, gets bullied at school, and is getting her first crush on a girl.  Fortunately she has a gay best friend (Harrison Boxley).

Since they're in their teens, and heterosexism insists that only adults can be gay, they haven't been asked, although there is speculation.

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