Aug 4, 2016

Gregg Sulkin: Gay-Friendly Werewolf

Of all the hunks of the Disney Channel's "my secret" teencom The Wizards of Waverly Place (Dan Benson, David Henrie, Chad Duell, Jake T. Austin), Gregg Sulkin's  conflicted werewolf Mason Grayback is the least gay-coded: he in love with Alex (Selena Gomez).

And he brushes off the frequent expressions of homoerotic interest from Jake T. Austin's Max (left) with a roll of his eyes and a shrug.

Away from Waverly Place, Gregg has played quite a few hetero-horny guys, such as Frank Rowan, who falls in love with Camilla Dickinson (2012), and Wesley Fitzgerald, who is dating Aria on Pretty Little Liars (2012-13).

But he's had room for at least one gay subtext, and a gay character.

In Avalon High (2010), Will, a modern day high school reincarnation of King Arthur, with his best friend Lance (Christopher Tavarez, left) as Lancelot, triangulating their romance through Guinevere/Jennifer.

In White Frog (2012)Randy Goldman, boyfriend of the deceased Chazz.

I've never actually met him, but in 2014 I made up a "celebrity date" with him to impress Jimmy the Boy Toy.

Although he's been rumored to belong to Jake T. Austin's Gay Posse, they're doubtless just friends.  Gregg's Facebook page tells us "I'm not gay, I'm just British," and he appears to be uncommonly fond of female companionship. But being a gay ally is the next best thing to loving men.

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