Sep 20, 2013

Shane Harper: Closet Heterosexual

Shane Harper has been bouncing around the Disney Channel for a few years, guest starring in Zoey 101, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Good Luck, Charlie.

He just had an album released, so I check out the heterosexism: the number of songs that shout "girl! girl! girl!," thus proclaiming that every relationship is heterosexual and invalidating the desires and relationships of LGBT fans.

Not much heterosexism.

His beefcake photos, like this one with the effeminate rings, flashy color coordination, and pretending to grab his...., give off a gay vibe.

I immediately think: this guy must be gay.  Or trying to draw in gay fans.

Yeah, I see the cross.  So what?  Lots of religious guys are gay or gay-positive.

Not this one.

God's Not Dead, which is coming out in 2014, will star Shane as a college student who discovers that God's not dead.

Please -- The Death of God  (1961) was a book complaining that modern society had lost its sense of transcendence, the magical in everyday life.  The author didn't mean that the actual Supreme Being was dead.  Besides, that was 50 years ago.  Why are fundamentalists still upset about it?

It will also star former Hercules Kevin Sorbo as an evil college professor who forces his students to write papers stating "God is dead."  Fundamentalists think this happens all the time, but college professors don't force students to accept any point of view. They say "6% of the U.S. population is atheist" or "Atheists use three arguments..."

Kevin Sorbo is a big-time homophobe who has starred in a number of "Christian," gay-, women-, and Muslim-bashing movies, such as The 12 Biggest Lies.

In an interview, Shane states that he only takes "wholesome" and "uplifting" roles. He would be ok with playing a murderer, as long as the movie established that murder is wrong.

Is he being offered many roles in movies proclaiming that murder is right?

But he wouldn't be ok with playing a gay character, or with giving fans the impression that he is gay in real life.

Too late.

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