Nov 24, 2013

Aaron Taylor-Johnson: Homophobia and Abs

You probably know Aaron-Taylor Johnson from Kick-Ass (2010), the rather homophobic comedy about a teen nerd who becomes a superhero.  When his bulgeworthy spandex costume is discovered, he's assumed to be a gay hustler, to the constant teasing of his classmates.  However, the assumption of gayness allows him to win The Girl of His Dreams.

And in Chatroom (2010), the rather homophobic drama about  sociopathic teen using social media to encourage bad behavior.   He convinces his friend Jim to commit suicide, and kisses him to "seal the deal."

But the British actor has been seen in some gay-subtext films, too.

Such as his first starring role, Tom and Thomas (2002), about two brothers (both played by Aaron) who find each other after many years apart and embark on an adventure in order to stay together.

And The Thief Lord (2006), an adaption of the German novel about two outcasts who find each other on the mean streets of Venice.

And The Magic Door (2007), a heroic fantasy with a rather buffed elf helping a human boy defeat a troll.

After Kick-Ass, Aaron starred in Savages (2012), as pot grower Ben, who is in a triadic relationship with Chon (Taylor Kitsch) and their shared girlfriend.  It's all subtext -- after all, this is not a comedy, and it's not about AIDS or gay adoption, so you can't have real, actual gay or bi characters, can you?

Oh, well, at least he has nice abs.

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