Nov 9, 2013

Alan Tudyk: Gay-Positive, Muscular, and Funny

Alan Tudyk plays mostly comedic roles, so you're laughing too hard to notice when his shirt comes -- or all of this clothes come off. But pay attention next time, and you'll see one of the most unexpectedly muscular physiques in Hollywood, with a tight, hirsute chest and impressively ribbed abs.

Born in 1971, the Texas native first drew attention on Broadway, when he starred in Epic Proportions (1998), about two guys in love with the same girl during the filming of a 1920s Biblical epic.  Theater is still his first love; he has appeared in Wonder of the World, The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told (with a gay Adam and Steve) Spamalot and Prelude to a Kiss.  But he's best known for movies:

Gay German drug addict Gerhardt in 28 Days (2000).

Gay-vague sidekick Wat in the Medieval farce A Knight's Tale (2001).

Simon in the gay-themed farce Death at a Funeral (2007).

Drew, gay business partner of straight Derek (Josh Cook) in Fourplay (2008).

Gay-vague hillbilly harassed by college kids in Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2010).

And television:

Navigator-sidekick Wash on the sci-fi-Western Firefly (2002-2003).

Sardonic dentist Noah on the suburban sitcom Suburgatory (2011-2014).

Though he's played gay characters several times, Alan is not personally gay.  Or a hillbilly.  Or a dentist.

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