Dec 18, 2016

Cameron Palatas: Avoid this Disney Teen Hunk

Cameron Palatas (left, with David Henrie of Wizards of Waverly Places) has appeared on ICarly, ANT Farm, and The Haunted Hathaways.  He has one of the better physiques in the hunk-heavy Disney and Nickelodeon universe.  So it seemed like a good idea to look up his other projects.

First Day (2011), a tv series that seems to exist only on the IMDB.  I can't find out anything about it.

A Bag of Hammers (2011), about two bromantic partners who adopt a kid after his mother commits suicide.  Lots of gay subtext potential.  Cameron plays the younger version of one of them.

But..uh, oh: Pass the Light (2013), about a 17-year old (Cameron) who runs for Congress to "protect the faith he loves."  Yeah, we all know that federal law in the U.S. prohibits Christians from reading the Bible, praying, or going to church.  Oh, wait -- it doesn't.

And the MTV series Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous (2013), starring Bo Burnham, an  "edgy" comedian whose jokes ridicule just about everyone, except for that most oppressed of all minorities, white heterosexual men: "We've been through enough."

He has a lot to say about how ridiculous gay people are:

How old is too old to stop believing in, like, the tooth fairy? Like 12? I've got a cousin who is 18, still believes in gay marriage."

The show is about recent high school graduate Zach (Bo), who decides that he wants to be famous, despite lacking any particular talent (a poll showed that 40% of high school senior chose "being famous" as their preferred career path).

So he hires a camera crew to follow him around while he tries to become a celebrity chef, makes a fake sex tape, stars in a dating show called "The Zachelor," and goes missing to see if there is a media circus interviewing his grief-stricken family and friends.

Cameron plays the "normal" younger brother, who "doesn't wear a dress with a camera crew following him around."

His tweets and instagrams feature statements like "that's gay."

At age 18, he was dating 14-year old Ariel Winter (Alex Dunphy of Modern Family), amid allegations of abuse.  The couple has since broken up.

I'd give this one a miss.


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