Nov 26, 2013

Mike Erwin: Home of Phobia

When you do a google keyword search on "Mike Erwin" and "gay," you get 30,000 gay websites discussing how hot he is.  Hard to determine if he's played any gay characters, or if he's gay in real life.

Ok, he's hot.

He got his  start in collegiate sex comedies like American Pie 2, The New Guy, and Home of Phobia (2004), aka Freshman Orientation, where he played the gay roommate of a straight guy pretending to be gay in order to win the Girl of His Dreams (are gay guys that much better at heterosexual romance?).

And sex dramas, like She's Too Young (2004), about a girl with multiple sex partners, and Pretty Persuasion (2005), about two girls who accuse their drama teacher of sexual harassment.

But he's most famous for the tearjerker Everwood (2002-2004), as the teenage Colin Hart, who got into an auto accident while drinking, fell into a coma, awoke, and then died during surgery.

Since Everwood, he's played some iconic adventure characters: the teenage Bruce Banner in Hulk (2003) and Don West in The Robinsons: Lost in Space (2004). 

And he's starred in gay-themed episodes of Jack and Bobby and The War at Home, but not as a gay character.

He's also known as the voice of the video game character Jak, who accidentally turns his bff Daxter into an ottsel (an otter-weasel hybrid).    I haven't played it, but I understand that they have some gay undertones.

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