Dec 10, 2013

Cliff Richard: The Britsh Elvis Presley Supports Gay Marriage

  The "British Elvis Presley," Cliff Richard hit #1 on the British charts quite often in the late 1950s and 1960s, with songs and albums like "The Young Ones," "21 Today," "Summer Holiday."   He didn't take to fame well; being a conservative evangelical Christian, he disapproved of the sordid, sexually lascivious lyrics of other performers of the day, and devoted himself increasingly to the Christian music scene.              He appeared in a string of showcase vehicles, some with  gay subtexts.  Expresso Bongo (1959): Sleazy agent manages -- and corrupts-- innocent drummer.  Wonderful to Be Young (1961): Nicky becomes a radio star to save his friends' youth club.  Summer Holiday (1963): Don and his friends drive a double-decker bus across Europe, and he falls in love with a girl disguised as a boy.  He has also had several tv series of his own, and appeared on himself on everything from The Liberace Show to The Nation's Favourite Christmas Song.      Long a conservative opponent of "permissive" and "immoral" British society, He always denied the "accusations" of gayness, and claimed that there was "nothing weird" about his long-term roommate, John McElynn.  But in 2008 he came out in favor of gay marriage.

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