Dec 9, 2013

Redboy 13: Heterosexist Preteen Spy

Redboy 13 appeared in theaters in 1997.  I'd never heard of the director, or the star, Devon Roy-Brown.  But I thought "A teenage spy? There must be lots of gay subtexts!"

So I bought a ticket and went in.  And left after about three minutes.

I have since watched it on Netflix.  Sort of.  I keep whispering "WTF?" and fast-forwarding.

Sean (Devon Roy-Brown) is a retired superspy trying to live a "normal" life.  Then he is called back into action and teams up with adult superspy Tanya 12 to fight the wheelchair bond Nazi Dr., I mean Dr. Heimlich Manure.

Did I mention that this isn't a comedy?

The actor went through puberty during filming, so he looks completely different in sequential scenes.  During the climactic battle, he draws a sword, looking like this.

Then goes into the next room, looking like this.

I had a big  "WTF?" with the nudity.  Redboy 13 wasn't aimed at an audience of kids -- they wouldn't catch the James Bond, Dr. Strangelove, and Sheena references -- so who did the director, Marcus Van Bavel, think would be interested in seeing a preteen or early teen bouncing around in a Rambo suit?  

But my biggest "WTF" was with the heterosexism. Sean vanquishes the villain and saves Tanya 12, who ludicrously falls for him.  There's also Sheena of the, I mean a Jungle Girl --  who falls for him.

Did I mention that this isn't a comedy?

Devon Roy-Brown has not appeared on screen since. Marcus Van Bavel has not directed anything since, but he got a "special thanks" in the gay-themed Circuit (2001).


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