Feb 5, 2014

Dorian Nkono: African-Australian Beefcake Star

So I'm watching all of the Terminator movies in order, and in Terminator: Salvation (2009), the fourth installment, I see Dorian Nkono as "Dave."

He's only onscreen for a few minutes as one of the adult John Connor's friends.

But a google search yields this rather amazing beefcake photo.

And this one.

Why have I never heard of this guy before?

He's an African-Australian actor, a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Arts, with theater credits including Dirty Butterfly and Merchant of Venice.

7 movie appearances, mostly directed by Sam Worthington.

City Loop, aka Bored Olives (2000), about six cynical young adults who work in a Brisbane pizza place, has a gay character.

The Hard Word (2002), about three brothers who are bank robbers, has buddy-bonding subtexts.  Dorian plays the psycho Tarzan.

He wrote and starred in the beefcake-heavy short Enzo (2004), about an African-Australian boxer.

He's also done a lot of Australian tv: White Collar Blues, Dance Academy, Rescue Special Ops, The Straits.

Then there's this shirtless photo shoot on the ocean.

But no biographies or interviews that I can find.  Even his personal website completely omits biographical details.

Is he gay in real life?  Or gay positive?  Details!  I need details!

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