Feb 10, 2014

Jordan Dean: a Buffed, Shirtless, Homoerotic Robin Hood

If you are anywhere around Boston, check out the A.R.T., the American Repertory Theater, in Cambridge.  They have a full season of traditional dramas (such as Matthew James Thomas in Pippin), plus creative, eclectic performances, like The Donkey Show every Saturday night and Acoustica Electronica on occasional Fridays.

Buffed redhead Jordan Dean (right)  just finished up the starring role in The Heart of Robin Hood, a retelling of the legend that makes Robin and his Merry Men a street gang (wearing leather vests and no shirts) until Martin arrives (Maid Marion in drag) to transform them into freedom-fighters.  Robin and Martin fight together, and share a mutual attraction.

When a guy is attracted to a guy who turns out to be a girl, does it count as heterosexual?

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Jordan has performed all over the Northeast, in a buffed Shakespearean As You Like It, Cymbeline, and A Midsummer Night's Dream (as Demetrius, the one falling out of his underwear).

Plus three Broadway plays that require not only him but most of the cast to be buffed and shirtless: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Mamma Mia! (as a replacement for the original Sky, reclining).

And The New Century, a collection of short plays by Paul Rudnick, about gay life in contemporary Manhattan, including a woman with three gay sons, an older gay man condemned for being too flamboyant, and a cable tv series called "Too Gay."

He has done a few movies, such as Not Fade Away (2012), about a New Jersey rock band in the 1960s, and Burning Blue (2013), about two gay Navy pilots.

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