Oct 25, 2016

Steve Sandvoss: From Gay Mormon to Goat Farmer

I liked Max Sandvoss back when he was Steve: Latter Days (2003) is #3 on my list of the 10 Gay Movies I Love.  Maybe because he was playing a Mormon missionary, and I have a thing for clergy-types.

But I haven't been too thrilled by some of his more recent work.

Rumor Has It (2005): Jennifer Anniston discovers that her family was the inspiration for the Dustin Hoffman classic The Graduate (1967).  It's even sillier than it sounds, and there's no gay people. Max plays her fiance.

Kiss the Bride (2007):  Matt who discovers that his ex-boyfriend Ryan is abandoning his "alternative lifestyle" (who uses that phrase anymore?) to marry a woman, so he tries to talk sense into him.  Instead Matt falls for the girl!

Yeah, I know: the love of a good woman "cures" gay men all the time.  At least in Hollywood movies: it's the heterosexuals' idea of a happy ending.

Max isn't one of the two guys.

Fling (2008): A guy and his girlfriend have an open relationship, but their partners are strictly heterosexual.  No gay content.

He has retired from acting and moved to East Bethany, New York, to run the First Light Farm and Creamery, making goat cheese with his brother Trystan.

Better than acting.

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