Feb 7, 2014

The Korean Penis Park

The Korean Penis Park may be even more remote for Westerners than Bhutan, the Land of the Penis.

It's officially called Haesindang Park, in the small fishing village of Sinnam, about 5 hours by bus from Seoul.

The park offers over 50 wooden and petal penises donated by artists from all over Korea.  Often they are of a whimsical sort, like a penis canon, or a laughing penis.

There's a heterosexual origin myth, about a woman named Auebawi, who drowned before she could marry (and have sex).  To appease her spirit, the villagers hold a biannual festival and offer her homemade penis carvings.

Seems like that would make her even more upset, as she realizes what she is missing.

There's also a museum of "sexual iconography," an aquarium, and an arboretum.

If you're in Japan, check out the Penis Festival of Kawasaki.

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