Feb 27, 2014

The World Dwarf Games

If you are attracted to shorter guys, and my story about the Worst Date in West Hollywood History hasn't dissuaded you from their pursuit, check out the World Dwarf Games, held every four years by the International Dwarf Athletic Federation and the Dwarf Athletic Association of America.
In 2013, they were held on the campus of Michigan State University (East Lansing, MI).  395 athletes from 17 countries competed in 15 sports, including archery, badminton, basketball, powerlifting, swimming, track & field, and volleyball.

Milan  Grahovac (left),  the founder of the Serbian Little People's Association, won a gold medal in swimming.

Athletes have different body types, so they are categorized by leg length and arm span.  Both men and women compete, and there is a junior division.  But still, there are more than enough muscular adult men.

18-year old Vivek Bhagria, who won in the adult soccer division, also plays soccer for his college team in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  And ultimate frisbee.

3'5" Joby Mathews, from Kerala, India, won five gold medals, including powerlifting.  A competitive armwrestler, he won the gold medal for India at the 29th World Armwrestling Championship in 2007.

The IDAA forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation, so gay athletes and spectators are welcome.

It hasn't announced the location of the 2017 World Dwarf Games yet, but keep checking the website.

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