Mar 28, 2014

Beatles Penises: What John, Paul, George, and Ringo Looked Like Naked

Musicians in the 1960s rarely took their shirts off on camera, and nudity was unheard of.  That's why this photo of John Lennon (and Yoko Ono) was shocking when it appeared on their album Unfinished Music #1: Two Virgins (1968).

The rest of the Beatles were less forthcoming about frontal displays, but there are some photos floating around that may be Beatles penises.  Like this 1968 poster, published in Denmark by Permild & Rosengreen.  The author is anonymous.   Paul is rather well endowed, the others not so much.

Untitled (The Beatles in Autopsy), by Curt McDowell (1968) is stylized but based upon photographs that the Beatles modeled for.

A whimsical version of the famous Abbey Road album cover.

And finally, four "real" Beatles penises, carefully labeled (clockwise from upper left, Paul, George, Ringo, and John).  It's actually "The Beatles in America," an oil painting by Jonathan Gent put on display in 2013 at the Museum of Liverpool.  It was part of a Beatles-themed exhibit that was to be auctioned off for charity.  Unfortunately, the painting was defaced by vandals and unusable.

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