Jan 23, 2016

13 Public Penises of Hungary

My dream trip to Eastern Europe starts in Krakow, the old university town in Poland; heads west to Prague and Brno, Czech Republic; soutn to Bratislava in Slovakia; Gyor in Hungary; and finishes up with a week in Budapest.

It takes at least a week to tour the magnificent architecture left over from the days when Budapest was the gem of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Work out at the Vsarhelyi Gym with world-famous Hungarian bodybuilders like Zoltan Voros.

Check out the gay nightlife, like Fetish Thursdays at the Magnum Sauna;

And see the public penises on every streetcorner.  Here are the top 13 of Budapest (with Gyor and Debrecen thrown in):

1. Memento Park, dedicated to Hungary's communist past, features a dozen massive granite or bronze sculptures of nude men, such as the Republic of Councils Monument.

2. Wallenberg Park memorializes Raoul Wallenberg, who protected many of Budapest's Jews from concentration camps during World War II.    He's naked, tromping on the Serpent of Evil.

3. Tromping evil is a common theme in Budapest sculptures. At the Citadella park downtown, another naked man is tromping on the Dragon of Evil.

4.Hero Square offers its own series of naked male statues.  This one represents "Work," and stands next to a fully-clothed female statue representing "Prosperity."

5. Varosliget Park features a nude granite archer.

6. A rather stern, fig leaf-covered naked guy stands guard at the entrance of the Budapest Zoo.

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7. Two muscular guys dancing, while a third watches.  All three have rather obvious bulges.

8. Ok, this one's inside, but too nice to pass up.  A male nude in the National Art Museum.

9. Prince Eugen of Savoy, on Buda Castle.

10. The super-muscular Napozo Papa (Sunbathing Dad), by Endre Szollosi.

11. Gyor has this rather risque statue of a naked, rowing man in the public square.

12. Plus Nimrod, the great hunter of the Bible, with a sheep covering his privates.

13. And don't forget Debrecen, with this nude, moustached guy outside the Deri Museum

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