Apr 15, 2014

Rasmus Kaljujärv: Getting Frisky with the Boyfriend

Rasmus Kaljujärv is one of the biggest young stars of Estonia.

And the most gay-friendly.

Born in 1981, he graduated from the Estonian Academy of Drama and Theater and went to work on the stage, starring in Estonian productions of Woman in White, Ubu Roi, Pericles, Romeo and Juliet, Uncle Tom's Cabin, and the gay-subtext Lost in a Friend's Case (2012).

His film and tv career began with the drama short Fender Bender (2003), and went on to the dark comedy Fed Up (2005) and the family drama Home in the Middle of the City (Kodu keset linna, 2003).

Two of his gay-subtext performances are available with English subtitles (Region 2):

I Was Here (Min ola siin, 2008): The teenage Rass descends into the Estonian underworld, alienating his friend Aivo (Märt Avandi).

Tuulepealne maa (2008): A tv miniseries about two  friends (Rasmus and Märt again) who are caught up in the political struggles of Estonia from the 1920s through World War II.  Their gay-subtext friendship remains intact.

The Estonian blog "Gay Web" named him the "Sexiest Gay Man in Europe."  I can't tell if it's being facetious or not, but there are articles on the web proclaiming that Rasmus and this or that actress are "just friends," and photos of him and Märt getting "frisky" off-camera.

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