Apr 18, 2014

The Naked Run of Roskilde

I love running, but I wouldn't want to do it naked. Too many things flapping around unattended.  Somebody is going to get whiplash.

But I would like to see the Roskilde Naked Run.

Roskilde, Denmark, about a half hour from Copenhagen by train, has been the site of a famous music festival since 1971.

Beginning on the last Thursday in June or the first Thursday in July, it lasts for four days, with over 100 bands, vendors, camping, and 100,000 participants.

Here's a link to the official website.

Most people arrive on the Sunday before the festival, when the 200-acre campground opens, for the four-day warmup.

Every year since 1999, Roskilde Festival Radio has organized a naked run, or Nøgenløb, on the Saturday of the festival.

Hundreds of nude people sprint around the campground to win tickets to next year's festival.  Since there are only two tickets available for hundreds of runners, most are just in it for the fun, and to see things bouncing around.

There's also a naked run in Padasjoki, Finland in mid-June but the two-km course tends to get the older, dumpier crowd, whereas Roskilde gets heavy-metal and electro-pop fans: think Scandinavian twinks with tight bodies and extra-large endowments.

From the photos, it looks like there's  considerable flappage and only a little shrinkage.

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