Apr 20, 2016

Public Penises of Eastern Europe

You'll find a lot of muscular guys in Eastern Europe, where bodybuilding is nearly as popular as soccer (pictured: Bulgarian bodybuilder Dimitar Dimitrov).  But outside of the Czech Republic and Hungary, beefcake in public art is scarce.  The combined influence of Slavic churches and Soviet-era puritanism has taken its toll.

When someone does erect a nude male statue, there's usually a public outcry.  This statue of a nude Roman Emperor Trajan, one of the founders of Romania, placed on the steps of the National Museum of Romanian History in Bucharest, has caused jeers of derision.

Both for his nudity and for the fact that he's holding a wolf with a scarf (it's actually the Capitoline Wolf, who fed Romulus and Remus, attached to the Dacian Dragon).

When a nude statue of Prometheus the Fire-Bringer was erected in the Park of the Heroes of Macedonia in Skopje, public outcry forced Macedonian officials to give the god golden underwear.

But there is still beefcake to be found, often in the most unexpected places.

Like this naked man seemingly hovering in mid-air over the Bryda River in Bydgoszcz, Poland, commemorating Poland joining the European Union.

Or the Naked Swordsman at the University of Wroclaw, erected to warn students against incautious spending (apparently he was a student who bet everything he owned, except his sword, and lost).

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Durres, Albania is a modern seaport and resort town known for its Partisan Statue, a fully-clothed guy holding a gun.  But look upward for a muscular, nude Poseidon.

Sofia, Bulgaria has some fine old monuments, including this exceptionally well-endowed Apollo.

Every year, the town of KoŇ°ice, Slovakia, near the Hungarian border, holds an International Peace Marathon.  This nude bronze runner commemorates the event.

The Partisan Memorial in Ljubljana, Slovenia is not nude, but he has an impressive torso and a look of rugged defiance.

Mostar, in Bosnia-Herzegovina recently unveiled a statue of martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

That leaves Serbia, Croatia, and Kosovo.

Maybe a beefcake tour of Eastern Europe would be a good idea after all.

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