Jan 29, 2017

The Russian Penis Museum

Are you interested in seeing the 13-inch long penis of Grigor Rasputin, the mad monk of Imperial Russia, pickled in a jar?

Or a painting by Vera Donskaya-Khilko of Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin dueling with erect penises?  Putin is better equipped, with two penises.

Then you should check out the Tochka-G Museum of Erotic Art in Moscow.

Yes, in Moscow.
It has more than 3,000 X-rated paintings, drawings, and sculptures dating from ancient times to the present, like this very well endowed Indian mystic who has discovered a new way of doing yoga.

Or a sex parody of the Flemish children's comic Suske and Wiske.

But it's not about porn, it's about liberation, about starting a conversation about sexuality and desire in puritanical Russian society.

It might not last long; objections are coming fast and furious, from the government, from the Russian Orthodox Church, and from passersby who duck their heads inside and yell "Think of the children!"

Curator Alexander Donskoi has accumulated mostly heterosexual art, though there's a lot of gay interest.

Like 2 six-foot tall penis sculptures.

I'm sorry, I can't find any way to show you the penis sculptures and Rasputin's pickled penis.

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