Jun 10, 2014

10 Teen Hunks of Disney's Summer Movies

Instead of yet another installment in the endless High School Musical franchise, this summer the Disney Channel is offering the distaff side of two 1980s sex comedies.  Although they are about girls, gay boys should have some beefcake and buddy-bonding to look forward to.

The first Zapped (1982) starred then-popular teen idol Scott Baio as a high school nerd who develops telekinetic powers, which he and his sleazebag buddy (Willie Aames) use chiefly to pull up girls' blouses and look at their bras.

The Disney Channel Zapped (premiering on June 23rd) stars Zendaya (Shake It Up) as a high school dancer who downloads a dog-training app to her smartphone and discovers that it works on boys, too.  No doubt she'll use it to get it over on her new stepbrothers, played by:

1. Spencer Boldman of Lab Rats

2. Adam DiMarco of Radio Rebel.

No word on whether she'll also use it to pull up boys' shirts and look at their chests; there are quite a lot of cute boys in the cast, including:

3. Samuel Patrick Chu of Level Up (left)

4. Donnie MacNeil of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

5. Jeddidiah Goodacre of Restless Virgins

6. Not to mention Drew Tanner as "Shirtless Guy."

Weird Science (1984) was about two high school nerds (Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan-Mitchell Smith) who build a sex-doll cyborg.  It spun off into a tv series (1994-1997) starring Michael Mannasseri and John Mallory Asher, which wasn't terrible.

How to Make a Better Boy (July 18) stars Kelli Berglund (Lab Rats) and China Anne McClain (A.N.T. Farm) as two girls who download a cute-boy cyborg:

7. Newcomer Marshall Williams.

Only to discover that he has been programmed as a super-soldier.

It also features a large supporting cast of cute boys, including:

8. Noah Centineo (top photo)

9. Jesse Camacho of Less Than Kind.

10. Matt Shively of Tru Jackson (left).

Better set your DVR.

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