Aug 2, 2015

The Top 10 Public Penises of Estonia

Summertime in Estonia means guys taking their shirts off, to work wrestle, jump over bonfires, hang out on the beach, or cruise.

If you're there at another time of the year, don't worry -- there's lots of public penises.

1. To start out, about a dozen naked statues of Kalevipoeg, the national hero.

2. The paintings of Lembit Sarapuu  and Kristjan Raud

3. The Linnahall, a concert and sports venue in Tallinn (some of the events of the 1980 Moscow Olympics were held there.)  I'm not big on sports, but notice the muscular nude bodies on the mural on the proscenium.

This is the whole thing.

4. It was painted by Enn Põldroos, an artist and novelist who specializes in large-scale murals, mostly with muscular, nude men, sometimes with women.  Here's his mural for the National Library of Estonia.  Makes me want to read.

5. There are more nude men over the elevator.

6. In Tartu, you can see this very strange sculpture. a self-portrait of artist Ülo Õun and his 18-month old son.  Except the son is adult-sized. It's to commemorate Child Protection Day.

7. They're not nude, but this Tartu sculpture by Tiiu Kirsipuu imagines that gay playwright Oscar Wilde and Estonian writer Eduard Vilde got together for a chat around 1890.

8. This statue of Martin Klein, outside the Sports Center in Viljandi, seems to be lacking a penis, but it's amazing that he was sculpted nude at all. He was an Estonian wrestler who won the longest match ever recorded, 11 hours and 40 minutes, at the Stockholm Olympics 1912.

9. Suure-Kõpu Manor, near Viljandi, features this mural of a naked lady terrorizing a muscular centaur.  I don't know the myth it's referring to.

10.Kadriorg Palace and Park in Tallinn has some nice Baroque sculptures, like this Neptune fountain.

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