Jul 12, 2014

Top 10 Public Penises of Switzerland

When I visited Switzerland after my junior year for the Nazarene International Institute, I didn't have a chance to do much sightseeing.  But there is a surprising amount of beefcake art.  Here are the top 10 public penises:

1. Beginning in Zurich, where most international flights land, this statue of a kneeling flutist by Peter Hartmann.

2. It's not exactly Michelangelo's David, but this David by Ivar Johnsson outside the Opera House has its points of interest.  Like Goliath's head at his feet.

3. What other city memorializes a homoerotic encounter, like this Ganymede about to be abducted by Zeus in the form of an eagle? He looks like the bird is about to become a pet rather than a boyfriend.

4. Geneva, the largest French-speaking city and an important center of international politics, features its own David.

5. Lausanne boasts a museum of sports, which is quite boring, except for the nude statues on the grounds, such as this Archer.

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6.  The Diadomenos is an athlete tying back his hair.

7. The Discus thrower.

8. And what Museum of Sport could resist a naked statue of Finnish runner Paavo Nurni?

9. Bern, the capital city, though not the most often visited, is famous for this group of naked young men by Karl Geiser.

10. But there's other beefcake in unexpected places, like this Moor on a building.

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