Aug 15, 2014

Gavin Fox: Not Enough Nudity

Gavin Fox, the son of Canadian tv star David Fox, has not given his spectacular physique the exposure it deserves.

He got his start as a production assistant, working for such programs as The Adventures of Sam and Max, Bob and Margaret, and Ned's Newt.

 His first acting role was a two-episode story arc on the gay-themed Queer as Folk (2003) that didn't require him to take his shirt off.

Then he played a cop on Tarzan, a fireman on Code Breakers, and a bouncer on Naturally, plus Sadie,  "Guard," "Muscular Boyfriend," and "Trainer."  All macho roles, not requiring substantial nudity.

He does get naked as Rahm the Baptist in A Beginner's Guide to Endings (2010).

To date, Gavin's most substantial role has been in Connor Undercover (2010-2011), an adventure series about a teenager(Max Morrow) drawn into the world of political espionage.  Gavin plays secret agent Eduardo Garcia, who trains Connor in the spy biz, and sometimes requires rescue himself.  There may be some gay subtexts there, but no nudity.

Somebody give this guy a job playing Tarzan or Conan.

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