Aug 7, 2014

Top 10 Public Penises of Bratislava

During my summer in Levoča, Slovakia, Doc and I didn't spend much time in Bratislava.  It didn't have much of a gay life, and Vienna, one of the greatest cities in the world, was only an hour away.

But as one of the seats of the Hapsburgs, Bratislava has a lot to offer to the beefcake aficionado.  Here are the top 10 public penises.

1. St. Martin shares his coat with a beggar, in a corner of St. Martin's Cathedral.  You've never seen such a buffed beggar before.

2. A beefy Titan by Josef Paukert holding up Police Headquarters (notice that his penis is completely visible).

3. A naked sandstone discus thrower on a house on Stefanikova street.

4. The weird, gaunt male statues on the grounds of Devin Castle.

5. A beefy, naked Hercules at the Academy of Fine Arts.

More after the break.

6.  The memorial to fallen Soviet soldiers.

7. A naked guy breaking out of a wall on Danube Street.

8. St. Florian in Rusovice, again with his penis covered but fully visible.

9. The dancing ganymedes on the Ganymede Fountain.

10. The memorial to the mothers and wives of Slovak soldiers features this naked sword-carrier with a cape.

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