Aug 24, 2017

Top 10 Public Penises of Africa

In South Africa in 2000, I met the Hottest Man in the World, and investigated the mystery of the Bushman penis.  I'm not sure I want to visit anywhere else in the subcontinent.  Rampant poverty, a soaring AIDS epidemic, corruption, political unrest, and some of the most horrific homophobia on the planet, including rap artists whose bestselling music videos contain nonstop chants of "kill the gays."  I might stick with my regular Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam circuit.

Then again, the beefcake is spectacular.

There's not a lot of public art in sub-Saharan Africa, except for statues of this or that military leader in khakis, but if you're willing to dig, you can find some interesting muscular, nude male forms.

Here are the top 10 public penises of West Africa:

1. The Reunification Monument in Yaounde, Cameroon, shows a nude giant holding a torch aloft and clutching five babies to his chest.

2. West Africa was, of course, the site of the Atlantic Slave Trade, and there are several monuments of slaves breaking their chains, like this one in Conakry, Guinea.

3. And another in Dakar, Senegal, with a muscular, nude male slave being grabbed by a female slave.

4. African public art often puts men and women together, as in the African Renaissance monument in Dakar.  It's 160 feet tall, if you include the baby bouncing on the man's bicep.

5. And this Dakar monument.

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6. There's a nude bust of President John F. Kennedy in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

7. And in Nigeria, this statue of Shango, one of the Yoruba gods who is venerated in the Afro-Caribbean religions of Voudou and Santeria.

8. Not the most erotic of public beefcake images, but this guy pointng the way to the center of town in Bamako, Mali is so weird that I had to pass him on.

9. This Superman is in Kinshasha, Zaire.

10. And in Bangui, Central African Republic, we find a glistening, muscular image of a Patriot with his spear raised, pointing the way to freedom.

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