Feb 8, 2015

Bachelor Weekend: Six Irish Guys Get Naked on Holiday

You're probably wondering about muscular, bulgeworthy, and otherwise memorable actors illustrating my post on James Joyce.

They're from a 2013 Irish film called The Stag, or in America The Bachelor Weekend, about a group of guys giving their mate one last taste of freedom before his wedding.

In American films, this sort of party involves hookers and girls jumping out of cakes, but in Ireland, it's a weekend trek through the countryside, where they get lost and naked.

The six mates are:

Right: Wimpy groom Fionnan, whose fiancee Ruth insists on the weekend in the country, even though he hates the outdoors (Hugh O'Conor, who played Stephen Dedalus in a 2003 version of Ulysses).

Left: The Machine, Ruth's psychotic brother, who pushes his way into the weekend and causes havoc  (Peter McDonald, a familiar face on Irish television).

Right: Davin, the macho best man, who was dumped by Ruth before she started dating Fionnan, and isn't happy about it (Andrew Scott, Moriarty in the tv series Sherlock).

Left: Depressed businessman Simon (Brian Gleeson, known for Snow White and the Huntsman).

Left: Little Kevin, Fionnan's younger brother, who is gay (Michael Legge, the teenage Frank in Angela's Ashes).

Right: Large Kevin, his drug-addled older boyfriend (Andrew Bennett, the narrator in Angela's Ashes, and Edwart in the gender-bending Sherlock Holmes short Edwart & Arlette).

I haven't seen it; the trailer looks fine, but the reviews are atrocious.  Apparently there are many homophobic and transphobic jokes, in spite of the gay characters and the "group hug" ending.

But I do want to see a lot more of Little Kevin.

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