Oct 11, 2015

Fall 1994: Marshall the Virgin

When I was living in West Hollywood in the 1990s, I used to work out at the Hollywood Spa with a ex-soldier named Marshall -- mid-twenties, shorter than me, very pale, with a military haircut and a hard, smooth chest.

After working out, we sometimes stopped at the Hamburger Hamlet -- maybe not the best option for after-the-gym, but the hamburgers and fries were amazing!

One night we were talking about old boyfriends, and Marshall revealed that he had never been with a guy before!

"Are you newly out?" I asked in surprise.

"Terrified of AIDS?"  No.
"Self-conscious about your size?" No.
"Suffering from a urological condition?" No.

"None of those things.  I'm just waiting for Mr. Right"  

The rest of the story, with uncensored pictures, is on Tales of West Hollywood.

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