May 10, 2015

Spring 2008: Hit on by a High School Boy

Spring 2008, a warm afternoon in April.  I am jogging in Fairborn Community Park near Dayton, Ohio.  The jogging path is about 3/4 miles long, through woods, over Beaver Creek, and then past the high school. I go four times.

Suddenly there is a boy jogging beside me beside me.  He doesn't pass -- he keeps pace.  I glance over -- shorter than me, slim with brown hair and dark eyes.  He's wearing a green-and-yellow University of Dayton t-shirt and yellow jogging shorts.

"I'm a professor at Dayton," I say.

He looks over and smiles.  "Cool."

"What year are you in?"


"I never saw you here before.  A long way from campus, isn't it?"

"I like the woods."

We chat as we jog, the boy giving short, cryptic answers. I learn that he lives with his parents, and he wants to be a writer.

When a group of college-aged joggers approach, he looks alarmed, says "See ya!" and rushes off.

He appears again the next day.  This time no group of college-aged joggers interrupts us.  I learn that his name is Austin, he plays on the junior varsity football team, he has an older brother in the air force, and he hates zucchini.

The full story is on Tales of West Hollywood.

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