Aug 1, 2015

The Hitchhiker

Another common porn scenario is picking up a hot hitchhiker, who happens to be gay, gifted beneath the belt, and interested in you.

I've only done it once.

In West Hollywood you saw guys hitchhiking all the time, but they were usually hustlers.  I never picked anyone up.

In San Francisco and New York, I didn't have a car.

In Florida I was too apprehensive, until David visited.

You remember David, the effusive, ultra-horny former minister who got me into lots of scrapes in San Francisco, like Waking Up to a Straight Boy in My Bed.   In August 2003, he flew out for a five-day visit.

The rest of the story is too risque for Boomer Beefcake and Bonding.  You can see it on Tales of West Hollywood.

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