Sep 27, 2015

My Date with Liam and His Brother

Liam started hanging out in the Long Island chatroom in the fall of  1998.  I didn't need clues: he told me right off that he was in high school.

I immediately crossed him off the list of potential boyfriends, of course, but we continued to chat.

 One day in February 2000 he emailed me: "Hey, I'm coming to the City to talk to some admissions reps at NYU.  We should hang out while I'm there."

Did he mean hang out or hook up?  He was a senior in high school, of legal age --  but  a 20 year age difference?  What would my friends back in West Hollywood say?

"Oh, and my older brother wants to meet you, too."

In that case, fine.  

This is the brother.

The rest of the story is on Tales of West Hollywood.

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