Oct 25, 2015

20 Preachers, Priests, and Religious Guys on My Dating List

I have always been attracted to religious guys.  There's something about a devotion to the spiritual world that makes your presence in the physical world especially erotic.  Maybe the paradoxical juxtaposition of muscles and Bibles, penises and prayer.

Or maybe it's because God has blessed them with exceptional beneath-the-belt gifts.

I've dated or hooked up with members of most of the major world religions.  Here are the most interesting and memorable:

During my junior year, Corey was a follower of the Maharashi Mahesh Yogi, and wanted to learn to fly. When I brought up the subject of gay people, he claimed to be opposed to "perversion."  But years later I ran into him at the French Quarter in West Hollywood.  He was living in San Francisco with his partner.   Transcendental Meditation

My most embarrassing hookup was with Warren, a shy, middle-aged guy who thought I was a hustler. We didn't discuss religion, so I didn't know he was Mormon until later, when I recognized his "temple garments," the special underclothes worn upon your "endowment."  Latter-day Saints.

It's not easy to find Mongolians anywhere outside of Mongolia, and only about 2% practice the traditional, pre-Buddhist religion, so it was quite a stroke of luck to find Tomor at a gay bar in Paris, of all places.  He told me that Mongolian shamans are all bisexual, since they see beyond male and female to the beauty of the soul.

And he turned out to be gifted beneath the belt, with a Bratwurst+.  Mongolian Folk Religion.

My friend Andre, who was straight but celibate, belonged to a "traditional Catholic" spiritual community that disapproved of Pope John Paul and practiced only the Latin Mass, but supported female priests and gay rights.  One day he invited me to the exorcism of a  young recruit named Barry.  The demon turned out to be homophobic, Barry turned out to be gay, and I ended up with a date. Traditional Catholicism

The rest of the list, with uncensored photos, is on Tales of West Hollywood.

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