Oct 9, 2015

My Hookup with an Eskimo

Yuri bringing a guy home for me was not unprecedented.  In West Hollywood in the 1990s, Lane and I used to cruise separately.  He went to the Faultline, and I went to Mugi.

We arranged to meet up at 11:00 pm.  If one of us struck out, the other would "share" his hookup.  If we both met someone, we played mix-and-match in the bedroom.

Since the Faultline was for older guys, bears and daddies, and Mugi specialized in Asian twinks, it made for some diverse evenings.

One night I struck out at Mugi, but when I got home, Lane was sitting on the couch with an Asian guy.  At least I thought he was Asian.  Short, bronze skin, round face, military hair cut, shirtless, wearing a leather vest and nipple rings.

"This is Arnie," Lane said. "He's up for sharing."

"Boomer.  Pleased to meet you."  I took my place on the couch next to him.

"My legal name is Joseph, but when I came out, I took the name Arnie, short for Arnauyq,  It means 'gay,' in my language, or really 'man who imitates woman.'"

"What language?"

"Inupiaq.  What you call Eskimo."

The rest of the story, and the uncensored photos, are on  Tales of West Hollywood.

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