Oct 9, 2015

The Hookup of the Magi

When the three guys sharing a house are all actively dating and hooking up, you never know who is going to be at the breakfast table in the morning, or wandering around at 2:00 am looking for the bathroom.

Maybe someone you like better than the guy in your bed.

But the Gay Code strictly forbade "stealing" a friend or roommate's date.  You might ask to "share," but otherwise it was strictly hands off until they broke up, and then only with their permission.

Until that night in December 2004.  I always get depressed at Christmastime anyway, and I had just gotten dumped, so I was even more depressed.

"Come out to the Club with me," Yuri said.  "You will feel better when the hot guys start cruising you."

"I'm not in the mood for hot guys, sorry.  I just want to watch tv and go to bed early."

I actually put on my bathrobe and sat down to watch tv, but after awhile, I said, "Yuri is right.  I'm going to a club."  I walked over to the Filling Station, and soon got cruised by Tye.  Not really my type: a little too tall and pale, in his 30s but going bald on top.  But he kept going on about how hot I was, and when I groped him, I felt a substantial Bratwurst+, so when he invited me to get coffee, I accepted.

The rest of the story, with the uncensored photos, is on Tales of West Hollywood

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