Nov 5, 2015

16 Celebrity Dates, Hookups, or Sausage Sightings

About half the guys I met in West Hollywood were actors, or wanted to be actors.  Most had been in just a few minor roles in movies or tv; you wouldn't know their names or faces.

Some had been famous, during the two or three years that their shows were airing, but now they were stuck in "hey, I used to know you!" limbo.

A few were bona fide celebrities, with ongoing projects and fan bases.

Here are the most famous actors (and other celebrities) that I've dated, hooked up with, or at least gotten a sausage sighting from.

I'm not going to reveal who is which, but bear in mind that some of the dates were just friendly lunches or "let's grab a coffee."  Some of these guys are straight.

High School

1. Carl Gustaf, King of Sweden. When he visited our high school, he had lunch with a select group of student leaders.  I sat next to him.  Our knees touched.

West Hollywood

2. Michael J. Fox, star of Family Ties.  My friend Marcus and I had lunch with him in the summer of 1985.  Ivo, the Bulgarian bodybuilder I was dating, claimed to be his ex-lover, but Michael actually never heard of him.

3. John Amos, who starred in Good Times and played the older Kunta Kinte in Roots.   I often saw him at the gym, once in the shower.  His physique was amazing.

4. Lou Ferrigno.  He came into the office at Muscle and Fitness regularly, often with Bill Bixby, his co-star on The Amazing Hulk at the Time.

5. Ed Stroll, a retired bodybuilder and actor, an opera buff, a member of the Hollywood Country Club set. He offered to take me yachting during the Worst Date in West Hollywood History.

6. Lane H. Montgomery, a former child star who did some teen idol work in the 1980s.  You may have seen him in Mutant and Girls Just Want to Have Fun

7. Peter Barton, a teen idol of the early 1980s, known for The Powers of Matthew Star, later a soap star.

8. Tom Villard, star of the sitcom We Got It Made, working steadily on tv through the 1980s.  In the 1990s he became one of the few actors to openly admit being gay.

9. Douglas Barr, who starred in Designing Women from 1988 to 1991, and now runs a winery in the Napa Valley.  

10. Richard Dreyfuss, a fellow fan of the paranormal, met browsing at the Bodhi Tree.  One day we got  coffee, and I tried to subtly determine if he was gay or not.

11. Cesar Romero, 1940s movie heartthrob and 1960s Batman villain.  He sold me a love seat.  Turned out to be the most uncomfortable thing I ever sat on (the love seat, not Cesar Romero).

12. Jeff MacKay, who starred in Tales of the Gold Monkey, Magnum, P.I., and several other series I have never seen.

New York

13. Nate Richert, Sabrina's boyfriend on the TGIF sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch (1996-2003).  We met at the Gold Coast in West Hollywood, but I didn't know who he was.  Until later.

14. Tom Wopat, star of Dukes of Hazzard in the 1970s.  I actually had a crush on his costar, John Schneider.

15. Andrew Lloyd Webber, the famous composer of musicals I haven't seen: Cats, Phantom of the Opera. Evita.


16. Sean O'Neal,  Clarissa's best friend in the Nickelodeon teencom Clarissa Explains It All from 1991 to 1994.  When I met him, he was doing voice work in Fort Lauderdale.

Uncensored photos are on Tales of West Hollywood.

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