Mar 7, 2016

20 Blond Beach Boys, Boy Toys, Hookups, and Dates

I'm attracted to darker guys, dark skin, dark hair.  Black, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, Greek, Italian.  Blonds and redheads, not so much.

Maybe because Rock Island had a huge Swedish population.  My classmates were all Jensons, Johnsons, Svensons, and Piersons.

But outside of Rock Island, blonds are relatively uncommon.  Only 63% of the U.S. population is of European ancestry, and of those, 16% are blond.  That's about 1%.

Given the odds, and my initial preference for darker hair colors, how many blonds have I dated or "shared" during the last 30 years?


1. Only 1 that I can remember: Carl the Cowboy Cop.  Tall and blond, two turn-offs, but one of the biggest Kovbasas on my Sausage List.

West Hollywood

2. So many Black, Hispanic, and Asian guys around that the blonds fell by the wayside.  But Alan the Pentecostal Porn Star, my best friend from 1985 to the mid-1990s, was blond, sometimes.

3. So was Zack, the kept boy we picked up at Mugi, who turned out to be a drunk.

4. Matt, Fred's Cute Young Thing boyfriend.

5. Redheads count, right?  At least in Spanish, blonds and redheads are both rubios.  So I'm counting  the Ginger Boy that Fred and I hooked up with one Christmas, and Dick and I several years later.

6. My friend Larry in Nashville, who learned that his fetish was being spanked, was blond.  But we never actually dated, and shared a bed only incidentally.

7. Artan the Beach Boy, who Lane and I dated twice before he left us for an older guy.

San Francisco

Not many: the Amazing Invisible Boy that I brought home doesn't count, as he vanished before the intimacy.

I'm going to guess Santa Claus, aka Bearnard, was once blond, but when I knew him, he had white hair.

New York

8. Yuri the Russian Weatherman, my best friend in New York and Florida.

9.  Barry the Colonial Williamsburg boy, who I met at a traditional Catholic exorcism.

10. Jaan, the Estonian mountain climber that Yuri and I fought over.

11. And Liam, who gave me a present on his 18th birthday.


12. Wade the Beach Boy, with whom I had a long-term relationship, by Florida standards.

13. The shy boy in the 3rd row at the West Hollywood MCC, who bulked up.

14. Usually redheads are super-sized beneath the belt, but Comic Book Guy was a little lacking in that department.


15. The Huber Heights Horror was...shudder...blond.

16. Sammy Blowfish was a rare Asian blond.  I think he dyed his hair, though.


I can't think of any, but....


I'm back in Scandinavian country again, so the blonds are rather plentiful.

17. Jimmy, the boy toy of my platonic friends.  I tried unsuccessfully to arrange to "share" them, but ended up with a date with Jimmy instead.

18. The boy with Daddy issues who wanted to tear my clothes off.  Easier said than done.

19. Bastian, the high schooler who Gabe and I shared.

20. And, finally, the blond Adonis I picked up at the gay-friendly coffee house earlier today.

The full list, with nude photos, is on Tales of West Hollywood.

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