Jul 8, 2016

My Celebrity Boyfriend, The Director, and the Cute Young Thing

West Hollywood, March 1987

The Celebrity and I have been dating for over two months, and I still haven't met any of his friends!

Friends always want to meet a new boyfriend, to make sure he's good enough for you, to expand their social circles, and to increase their options for bedroom activity!

He's met all of my friends, and shared Alan and Raul. What's the holdup?

"It's tricky," the Celebrity says.  "I'm not out at the studio, of course. A lot of my friends are straight."

In West Hollywood in the 1980s, you don't have heterosexual friends.  If they're not screaming "Got AIDS yet?", they're simpering, condescending, heterosexist.  I assume he means coworkers and business acquaintances.

"Tell you what.  The Oscars are on the 30th.  Let's have a post-Oscar party.  I'll invite four or five of my friends, and you invite four or five of yours.  That way everybody can meet everybody."

I invite Alan, Raul, and Thanh, plus a couple of celebrities, Michael J. Fox and Tom Villard, who can't make it.   Alan and Thanh bring dates to make up the fourth and fifth.

Alan's date is Rye, aka the Porn Star, an acquaintance from his porn days: tall, dark tan, Mediterranean face, big chest, big bulge.  "The Entertainment," he whispers with a grin.

The Celebrity's guest list is:

1. Lee Montgomery, a 25-year old former Child Star with a lean, hairy chest.

2.Doug Barr, aka the Fall Guy, a clean-cut All-American type in his mid-30s. They come together,  so I assume they're a couple.

3. Another actor named Spencer, aka the Leading Man.

4. The Celebrity's ex-boyfriend, a Director named Joseph: in his 40s, slim, with a salt-and-pepper beard and thinning hair.

5. And his date, a Cute Young Thing named Scott, who isn't in the industry.

I wonder who we will be sharing tonight.

The full post, with nude photos and sexual situations, is on Tales of West Hollywood.

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