Mar 1, 2017

12 Spring Break Boys

I've been on college campuses, as a student or a teacher, almost every year of my life, so spring break is always a big deal.

A week off in March or early April, actually ten days if you skip the Friday befor (which everyone does), when plane flights are still cheap.and tourist destinations uncrowded!

Here are 12 memorable spring breaks, crowded with sightseeing and cruising.

1979: Chicago.  It was my freshman year of college.  Growing up in Rock Island, I'd been to Chicago many times, of course, but this time I had a goal: my friend Mary asked me to determine if her kid brother was gay.   After spending the night with him, I reported to Mary that he was absolutely straight -- wink wink, nudge nudge.

1988: Pattaya, Thailand.  When I was living in West Hollywood, my friend Alan moved to Thailand to start a gay Pentecostal church.  He was sidetracked into an ex-gay cult, so I flew over to rescue him with a trip to Pattaya, the gay party capital of Southeast Asia.

1995: Washington, DC. To visit Alan and his partner Sandy, and put on a live sex show for him.

1998: San Francisco.  I was in New York, getting my Ph.D.  Yuri the Russian meteorology major had just come out, and wanted to see the heart of the heart of the gay world.  So we flew to San Francisco, stayed with my friend David, and went cruising on Castro Street. Sharing, a bear party, underwear night, a hookup, and a drive down Lombard Street.

2000: West Hollywood.  Home for a decade, but it was nice to be back for a visit.  And I hooked up with a celebrity.

2005: Another Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam circuit, when I met the Dutch African at the Horseman's Club, and he brought me home as a "birthday present" for his brother.

The full post, with nude photos, is on Tales of West Hollywood

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