May 4, 2016

Guys Who Need to Come Out on "Fear the Walking Dead"

I'm watching the second season of Fear the Walking Dead (2015-) about a family caught up in the first days of the Zombie Apocalypse of The Walking Dead.  

The first season was slow and dull and heterosexist, more about family squabbles than zombies, as high school teacher Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) tried to round up his ex-wife and son, girlfriend and her son and daughter, and move them "to the desert" where it was safe.

They took refuge with Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades), a barber with a Secret Past, and his heterosexual nuclear family, and mostly sat around waiting for the government to come and save them..

But at least there was a lot of beefcake, guys taking off their clothes for no apparent reason, and some hunky recurring characters, like Shawn Hatosy as the clueless Corporal Adams.

This season has thinned out the herd a bit.  The mysterious Victor Strand (gay actor Colman Domingo), who has a Secret Motive, takes them all out onto his yacht, where they are seeking a safe harbor.  There are just enough castaways to start a new Gilligan's Island.

1. Strand can be the Skipper.

2. Nick (Frank Dillane), Travis' moody, drug-addict son, is Strand's protege, and the reason he offered to rescue them in the first place.  Do I detect bromance in the air?  Ok, he's Gilligan.

3.-4. Travis and his girlfriend Madison (Kim Dickens), a rather dim-witted guidance counselor.  Mr. and Mrs. Howell, certainly.

5. Daniel Salazar.  The Professor.

6. Alicia (Alycia Debham-Carter), Kim's daughter, a former modeling student.  Ginger.

7. Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie), Travis' son.  (That's him behind his older brother, David Henrie of The Wizards of Waverly Place).

Well, let's just say Chris is feminine.  Definitely Mary Anne.

The second season is still rather heterosexist -- the first group of survivors they run into is a nuclear family with its own survivalist compound on Catalina Island (which they call Catrina Island).

But there's still a lot of beefcake, as the guys decide to go swimming in zombie-infested waters, or just take their shirt off for no reason.

We're waiting to see if the still to-be-introduced actors, like Daniel Zovatto and Dougray Scott, increase the beefcake potential.

And we're still waiting for Strand, Nick, and Chris to come out.  Last Sunday's episode, where Chris buddy-bonded with the survivalist family's teenage son (Jake Austin Walker) over a zombie-killing chore, was close.


On the May 1st episode of Fear the Walking Dead, we discover that Strand is, in fact gay, and guiding the castaways to a rendezvous with his lover.

But Chris indicated that prior to the zombie apocalypse he was dating a girl.

Nick is still in the closet.

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