Jun 7, 2016

10 Weirdest Hookup Sites

It's easy to meet guys for hookups and dates in a gay neighborhood, where almost everyone around you is gay.  But in the straight world it's tricky.  Most of the guys around are not interested, no matter how friendly they act.  Some may cruise you without realizing it; they're not self-aware enough to know  that they're interested.  And if you are too open about your interest, you may get screamed at or even assaulted.

Still, I've done my share of public cruising, meeting guys in the Plains at a comic book store, a heterosexual party, a fundamentalist Christian pizza place, and the doctor's office.

I asked my Facebook friends, "What is the weirdest place in the straight world that you've met a guy for a hookup or a date?"  Here are the weirdest answers, from least to most.

1. Standing in the communion line at church. 

"I was home in Des Moines visiting my parents, and they dragged me to a service at  straight, homophobic Lutheran church.  As we were filing out of our pews for communion, I saw the world's cutest guy in the next aisle.  I motioned for him to get ahead of me, so I could get a good glimpse of his backside as we walked.  Afterwards I hunted him down in the foyer, and we spent the afternoon together."

2. In the lion habitat at the zoo.

"I was visiting an animal sanctuary near Orlando, Florida.  They feed the lions in a truck with a big cage bed, so visitors can ride along and watch.  The zookeeper was a very cute guy in his thirties, so as we rode, I was chatting him up.  When we got to the feeding site, I asked, 'Can I feed the lions?' He said no, that's against the rules.  Then I asked, 'Well then, can I feed you?'  Well, I bought him dinner...then I fed him."

3. At the airport, waiting for different flights.

"I was in a layover in Atlanta, and a hot bearded guy was sitting in my waiting area.  We started talking.  I was on my way to Fort Lauderdale, and he was on his way to Chicago, but he actually lived in Miami!  We exchanged phone numbers, and got together for a date when we both returned."

The full post, with nude photos, is on Tales of West Hollywood.

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