Jun 19, 2016

Meeting Six Guys at Freshman Orientation

Plains, June 2016

I never do anything erotic in my office.  It's down a narrow corridor, with six other offices right there, and thin walls so everyone can hear everything.

But earlier this week I made an exception. I figured it was safe enough, during a tornado.

It was Summer Orientation:hundreds of newly-admitted students and their families were getting tours of the campus, going to advising meetings, checking out the gym, and talking to me, starstruck over meeting a Real College Professor..

Here are the six guys I met.  You have to decide which one I hooked up with

1. The Tan Dad

2. The Tenting Texter

3. The Bear Dad

4.  The Surfer

5. The Big Brother

6. The Volleyball Player

The full story, with nude photos and sexual content, is on Tales of West Hollywood.

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