Jun 14, 2016

The Public Penises of Vatican City

Vatican City, the holy of holys for a billion Roman Catholics, is a purely spiritual realm, right?

Well, there is a lot of beefcake to be found.

The Vatican Museum has a huge number of nude Greek and Roman masters, like this Apollo.  The penises were "fig leafed" for about 100 years under the jurisdiction of some of the more puritanical Popes, but they're back.

The muscular Laocoon and his hot sons being eaten by a serpent.

I think this is Cronos, who ate his children.

Tiring of Greeks and Romans, head for the Sistine Chapel.  Everyone has seen reproductions of the Creation of Adam, but did you know that the chapel is bursting with beefcake?

When you've finished checking out the 800 or so naked men on the walls and ceilings of the Vatican chapels, look for the Swiss Guards, the elite Vatican police corps since the 16th century.  Apparently they are chosen for their hotness.

And the Pellegrini Brothers?

The acrobats always perform shirtless, so you can see their muscles straining and flexing as they adopt their complicated positions.  So why shouldn't they perform shirtless for the Pope?

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