Dec 24, 2016

The Blind Boy with the Footlong Finds His Way Into Fred's Bed

Rock Island, December 1999

After my ex-boyfriend Fred broke up with Matt, his partner of ten years, in the spring of 1996, he almost immediately started dating Jester, a blind boy with a very buffed physique and a gigantic Kovbasa++++.  They were together for about five years.

Not his usual type: Fred was drawn mainly to the slim femme boys with sallow chests. And he was constantly bragging about his extra-large package, so he wouldn't want anyone bigger.

What was the attraction?

I didn't find out until December 1999, when we both returned to Rock Island to spend Christmas with our families (Jester stayed in San Bernardino).  We went out to dinner and to JR's to look for a guy to "share."

"There probably won't be any buffed blind guys with gigantic penises available," I joked.  "You'll have to settle for less."

"Oh, please, buffed and hung guys are a dime a dozen," Fred said.  "That's not what I saw in Jester.  I'm attracted to the White Knight dynamic, charging in on a horse to save you from the dragons of doubt and despair.  Let me tell you the story of Jester, and then you'll understand.  But be warned -- it's not fun or sexy."

I gulped.  "Go for it."

The uncensored story, with nude photos, is on Tales of West Hollywood.

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